Day 2: We got married!

On October 11 Ben and I got married here on the farm. We were blessed with the most magical wedding we could have hoped for. The ceremony was officiated by our dear friend Jim Morrison, anointed for one day by the Judge in Albemarle County, and attended by more than 100 friends and family. Many thanks to Katherine Turner, for her photographs.

The best parties take on a life of their own, nudged into being by their hosts, but carried along and transformed by the imagination and initiative of the guests. For a party this size to do that—which it did—is testament to the skills, hard work, and guidance of our wedding party: Sarah Stowe and Stephenie Ritchey. Thanks gals.

Our guests outdid themselves in ways we know and in ways we don’t know. Popsicles appeared. Yards and yards of tulle for decorations appeared. A stunning hand-woven willow arbor appeared. Buckets, and then more buckets, of flowers appeared.

The tractor barn got transformed into a relaxing bar, complete with an embarrassing slideshow of baby pictures. The pole barn got transformed into a dance hall. The square dance started, and then kept going. Every time we looked there was a new band and a new caller. Gorgeous custom wedding shot glasses appeared, and then the cider toast got poured.

Bountiful bread, trout, and squash emerged from our oven. Pork and chicken got smoked and pulled. The food tables groaned under the weight of the feast. An outdoor home, complete with living room and kitchen, appeared in our front yard as a retreat from the fray. And a place for hung-over campers to breakfast the next day.

It was incredible.


5 thoughts on “Day 2: We got married!

  1. Mathias v. Bredow

    Hello Heather, Hello Ben,

    Congratulations! Wishing the both of you all the happiness in the world!
    That’s a wonderful surprise which makes me very very happy.
    Heather, you and Ben look absolutley beautiful. I love the pictures.

    All the best whishes from Germany

  2. Silke & Klaus

    Glückwünsche natürlich auch von uns!
    Wir wünschen Euch viel Glück und alles Liebe und erdenklich Gute für Euren gemeinsamen Lebensweg. Grüße aus München, Silke & Klaus


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