What we grow

Our CSA contains wood-fired sourdough bread and many varieties of fruits and vegetables. Here is a list of what you will see often in your box.

summer squash (green, yellow & round zucchini, patty pan, yellow squash cherry tomatoes (sweet million, sungold, black)
tomatoes (heirlooms and hybrids) basil
cucumbers (picklers and slicers) lettuce mix
sweet peppers (bell, italian frying, carmen) fresh beans (green, yellow)
Here is a list of crops you will see occasionally in your box:

radishes (easter egg, french breakfast, watermelon, black) broccoli raab (rapini)
garlic scapes onions (red, yellow, walla walla)
beets napa cabbage
blackberries parsley
blueberries kale (curly, red russian, black)
kohlrabi potatoes (gold, blue, red)
cabbage (green, savoy, arrowhead) arugula
collards strawberries
mizuna salad mix
melons winter squash (butternut, acorn, pie)
eggplant (thai, italian) scallions
fennel turnips (hakurei, purple top, scarlet queen)
garlic sweet potatoes (orange, white)
carrots bok choi
green garlic

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