We are passionate about regional grain

We started Little Hat Creek Farm because we wanted to have a positive impact on our local food system. As bakers, we are well-positioned to connect our customers with grain that we purchase from our regional millers and farmers. In fact, we feel that is the most important part of our job.


Here is the breakdown of our flour and grain purchasing so far this year (Jan-June 2018).

Jan-June 2018 Inventory

We are pleased that right now about 35% of our flour was grown in Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, or Pennsylvania.

But we want to do better.

When we are baking, we think about the person that is going to eat our bread. But we also think about the miller who milled the flour, and the grower who grew the grain. And if we don’t know those people, we think about how to change that. You will notice the percentage of regional milled flour is higher than the percentage of regionally grown flour. This makes sense, because as bakers, we interface directly with the miller, who talks to the grower. In the last few weeks, I have been working on a project that has allowed me to met some of the farmers who grow our grain. With a little more digging, I know I can find out more about who grows the grain we use in our breads.

Soon, we will have a lot more to say about Virginia’s regional grain economy, so stay tuned!