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Day 7: We’d like our kitchen back please!

Our wood-fired brick oven is big. It’s bigger than we are. That is, we don’t yet use it to its full capacity. Our kitchen, on the other hand, is too small for us. We are still using our home kitchen to make about 200 loaves of bread per week during the farmers market season, not to mention storing all our bakery equipment and ingredients: speed racks, hundreds of pounds of flour, and bins for mixing dough. This winter, we’re sending a memo to our business: we’d like our kitchen back, please.

Currently, the project that’s taking up the most space in our heads (and wallets) is a new building to be attached to the wood-fired oven. We’re going to take the bakery from semi-pro to all-the-way-pro here, making it bigger than we are right now, to match the size of the oven. The new bakery will have a 8′ x 12′ walk-in cooler, which could fit 8 speed racks, and an insulated flour room that will be cooler than the rest of the building to help keep the flour fresher.

And so, as long as we are going to hire big yellow machines to excavate a foundation, we asked ourselves, could we imagine a building that would improve the efficiency of the farm, too? Of course! Also included in this new construction will be a packing shed where we will wash and store harvested veggies, and a covered driveway connecting it to the bakery. The covered drive is where we will store our farmer’s market setups for easy access when we load the bread and veggies for our three markets per week.

We are thankful to be working with the amazing builder and good friend Craig Swingle. He is not kidding when his business card proclaims “Projects taken on”. He has guided, rather than advised, so the resulting design is at once wholly ours and also simple and easy to build. We’re excited for this new construction to tie together many of the threads that we must pull every week in order to bring our bread and produce to market. The big challenge will making it all happen by the beginning of markets next April.

That’s it for our seven posts in seven days. Thank you for reading! We’ll see you in the New Year.  Happy holidays!